Move shoot move star Tracker review

The Move shoot move star tracker is a compact tool for astronomers. Polar alignment is super easy and fast with Move shoot move thanks to its laser pointer. When it comes to long exposures, polar alignment is crucial.

Move shoot is a 2-in-1-star tracker and timelapse rotator. You can create a beautiful time-lapse also with a move shoot move.


Move shoot move star Tracker review

Why do we need a Star Tracker?

Star trackers allow you to take longer exposures of the Milky Way or stars. In general, I shoot 3-4 minute exposures, which allows me to lower my ISO to 800, which means that my pictures of the stars are crisp and detailed without trailing. 

Why Move shoot Move Star Tracker?

Move shoot Move (MSM) is a compact star rotator and timelapse rotator. It is lightweight and easy to set up. Move shoot Move (MSM) is best for wide-angle star tracking for a focal range of up to 50 mm ( from my experience). The maximum capacity of MSM is 305mm lens and 3kg weight capacity. Some people also tried Samyang 135 mm and it works well. I will try out Samyang 136 mm in the future and update my review. It’s super handy and compact to carry with you while going on hiking trips.

One of the main advantages of the MSM star tracker is its affordability, making it accessible to amateur photographers who want to experiment with astrophotography without breaking the bank. In addition, it has a simple and user-friendly design, so beginners can easily set it up and use it.


The device has, however, been reported to be unstable and precise by some users, especially when using long lenses or in windy conditions. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the device’s settings and controls may take some time.


For photographers who are looking for a portable and affordable solution to capturing clear and sharp images of the night sky, the MSM star tracker is an excellent choice.

Here is the link where you can purchase Move Shoot Move Star Tracker. I will receive a small commission if you use this link.

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